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With the advancement in medical science, the Surgical Instruments have become the necessity of Surgeons. Surgical Instruments made by B. Webber and Company are meeting not only all the quality standards but have been satisfying the Surgeons and paramedical staff for the last more than 30 years. Our Instruments are well known with the brand of “WEBBER Stainless CE” in all over the global village. We are ISO 9001-2000 certified Company authorized to put CE mark on Instruments. We are ISO 13485 certified. We are also enlisted and registered with American FDA. More than 100 craftsmen, about 80 workers in the manufacturing unit and other officials in the Head Office are working devotedly day an night in a systematic way. Although, we are producing excellent quality Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Holloware items and all sorts of Scissors, yet making different “Surgical Sets: has always been our edge in all over the world.

We are the best in fabrication of different Surgical Sets such as:

  • General Surgery Sets
  • Gynecology Surgery Sets
  • Ophthalmic Micro Surgery Sets
  • Dental Surgery Sets
  • Urology Surgery Sets etc.
  • Neuro Surgery Sets
  • Orthopedic Sets
  • E.N.T Surgery Sets
  • Vascular Surgery Sets
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What We Do.

leading innovation

To achieve the customer's entire satisfaction, we always follow the following steps:

  • Selection of appropriate Stainless Steel
  • Laboratory Analysis of the Raw Stainless Steel
  • Sophisticatedly pass through the raw Stainless Steel from different manufacturing stages like pressing, melting, forging, molding etc.
  • Maintain the quality standards at each and every step of production.
  • Check each and every instrument precisely, professionally and carefully.
  • Label and pack the instruments according to requirement of the customers.
  • In time delivery along with best available cargo services.

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B.WEBBER & CO. is exporting quality Surgical Instruments to its customers in more then fifty countries all over the world. Europe, America, Far East, Middle East, and other South Asian Countries are our Major markets.